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Scientists Are Human Beings

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Sometimes I wonder if non-scientists perceive us a lot that only does good things, has no ego or is only searching for the betterment of Science, with the exception of climate scientists, clearly. But sometimes, I also forget that scientists are human beings too, are one aspect of being an human is to be driven by hype. Doesn’t matter where you come from, hype is an important part of society, product development, PR departments, economy and Facebook groups.

When that happens, I remember Zotero. A nice, nifty little application that does some wonderful things with references. It’s open source, you can modify it, make it better, report bugs, develop with them, donate if you wish. And even better, it’s developed by real scientists, not by spoon-fed intercontinental jet-setters backed by corporations. Zotero developers are support by grants, by people like you and me, like your parents and in-laws, and it’s an application that anyone can benefit from. Did I mention that it’s free?

So, when I forget about hype and scientists, I remember Zotero and I get sad with the lack of traction in Academia when compared to other similar applications. And then I remember, Zotero has no PR department, we’re its PR department and we suck on being PR. After all, we’re human beings too.