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Brazil, the Country of the Future. Always.

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A perfect comment on Hackernews, in response to this article:

No, it’s not. Most of my extended family is in Brazil so my wife and I decided to work remote from Brazil for a couple months this fall. It’s hard to really understand how crippling the culture of bureaucracy and corruption is until you experience it.

Internet. $200/mo USD for a theoretical 1MB connection. That’s assuming the power stays on. Lots of people use the internet (mostly at cafes) but it’s only for games and social networking — nobody thinks of it as legitimate way to make money.

Crime. In many parts of Sao Paulo and Rio people don’t even stop at stoplights because the risk of getting shot and carjacked is too real.

Education. Completely broken. Cheating is so rampant most teachers don’t even try to prevent it from happening. That’s at the private schools where my cousins have attended— public schools are apparently far worse.

Entrepreneurs. Most people literally don’t even have a mental category for this. At best they make vague negative associations about you being a “capitalist.” The dream job is either working for the government or getting an engineering position at some multi-national corporation.

All of this is unfortunate because the Brazilian people are really delightful and quite creative. My wife is a designer and she says some of the best design is coming out of Brazil right now. Unfortunately corruption and regulation has completely driven out the spirit of innovation and that is unlikely to change anytime soon.

Nailed it.