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The New "Form" of Life and the Generation Mendeley

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I’m quite late jumping on the bandwagon, but after reading this and visiting this site, both related to the new “form” of life found recently, I can only say a couple of things:

  • I don’t know if young scientists (this included my generation and me) need to do this kind of PR to achieve something in their careers

  • Based on the quality, and lack of, of the paper, as assessed by Rosie Redefield, it’s very sorry that Science and scientists accept this kind of publication in their journals. For one, this only reinforces my feeling that most of the things that are published on Nature and Science are just things that will sell more paper, and reinforces my will to not read most of the papers from these journals

I would expect in the coming years to meet students that will fall in both categories: ones crazy for PR and with a website full of pictures showing how connected they are, others will read a paper and like Rosie Redfield will have the necessary intelligence to actually read the Science behind the PR. The latter will be the ones I will admire and will teach and learn from. The ones from Generation Mendeley will be just an empty shell, maybe with a good job.