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A Positive Note

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I have been condemned and lost one reader today (maybe more than one, I know I still have about 4) and I admit I have been extremely negative in my posts. But my own perspective in life is that what I can do with the lemons I get. I promised to write one post per day in 2010, and I’m still very far from reaching this goal, something I will still try to accomplish. I also started blogging in the Python Software Foundation blog, which consumes a bit more of time.

The sad truth is that I have no will to write; rephrasing, I’m not compelled to write. I’ve been away from social websites – that’s a good thing – and I don’t know what is going on in the world. When I say social websites, I don’t include Hacker News, a website I wouldn’t be able to live without. I have been reading a lot, actual books, and working.

On a positive note, I cannot praise Zotero enough. It’s the best reference management system out there, hands down. Kudos to the development team and everyone at Zotero. Keep up the good work!