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Mendeley Is Going to Be Open Source

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After extensively researching some material online, analysing many blog posts and statements made by people linked to Mendeley, checking my sources, I reached the conclusion that soon Mendeley is going to be open source. They already use a good chunk of Zotero’s codebase and IMHO their only move would be to open their system, so it can be vastly improved.

Also, it does not make a sense for a company that in every level of management is publicly advocating for Open Science, Open Data, etc to keep their code closed. By opening their code, which for once I commend Mendeley’s team for deciding to do that, they will benefit from the same system they are now feeding from and will lead by example in this new Scientific movement. After all, what side of History are they on?

I think the API, even handicapped and quickly put together with so many problem, was the initial step towards a full open source adventure for them. I think it’s a bold move, but again, for the first time Mendeley’s team made a perfect decision, that will put the company shoulder-to-shoulder to other scientific and software innovators. When they will announce this – I don’t know, but I’m guessing in a couple of months – it will be a major breakthrough to the Open-movement, and the leadership-by-example will create an unstoppable momentum for all the open-sciencers.

You don’t read here often, but I applaud Mendeley for their boldness, openness and will to lead the New Science, from the right side of History.