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The Rise and Fall of Software, Sites and Companies

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I don’t know if this is just a personal perspective or if it is global. To be honest, I haven’t checked, haven’t googled about it. But there are many examples of software (paid or not) that start as a very nice option to do some type of task and in the end become a bloody nuisance. The first version is wonderful, just works, installs perfectly and gives enough functionality, nothing more, nothing less, for said task. Then this little application grows and grows, the company grows with it, maybe their codebase gets too crowded, maybe they hire a CEO, maybe new programmers.

And that little application becomes a bloody nuisance. The latest version wants to install a shady add-bar to your Explore/Firefox, maybe wants you to update it every hour. That little application has some many features now that the task it was suited for in the beginning, is just an afterthought now.

One example that comes to mind are the anti-virus applications. Free like AVG, paid as McAfee, they grew and grew and some of them cannot be uninstalled without a four-page long guide, or install so many add-ons that your computer looks like a mirror of Download.com (another example of bloated app/site).

I don’t know, again, if this is just a personal perspective, don’t know blog posts about it. But in the end, whenever something grows without control, or mismanaged control, be an application, site or company, there will be some type of evil component in whatever they provide. Of course, there are exceptions, but that’s what every rule asks for.