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The Web's Future

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Lately, I realized that the Web’s Future (or The Future of the Web) is not Facebook. No, it doesn’t matter that all your friends (enemies) are there, doesn’t matter that all companies are moving to Facebook-based pages, that everything you like is there, and your mum is sending you friendship requests.

No, the web’s future (or The Future of the Web) is much larger than Facebook. The future of the web is an application that allows you to play in the financial market, find conferences and even plot a map with them, can analyse the stars, check browser histories, do science and screw the life of your worst enemies with a complex syntax and obscure data typing. I might have forgotten that this application saved lives in Haiti, intends to bring peace to the Middle East (via a very elaborate graph) and even solve the Tea Party issue in US (via a very elaborate graph). The future of the web (or the web’s future) is the one and only R. R can do everything and a little bit more.

But what R cannot do is find you a girlfriend. Or at least I haven’t read about. Until then, I’m a skeptic.