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2010 World Cup: Second Impressions

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Here are some thoughts after the first round of knockout games:

  • Sad that Italy had to leave, even though they played poorly, it’s better to watch them play than the Slovaks.

  • So much for the revival of “soccer” in US, it went out with a bad bang. Even worse is reading the American media talking about the most resilient team in the world, ready for prime time, the chances to win it all now, yes we can. It can be summarized by saying that the American media is composed by a bunch of idiots that only watch US games every four years. Thanks God the Canadians didn’t jump on their bandwagon.

  • Brazil has a chance of wining it all, even though I detest that bunch of millionaire whiner. The level of competition is so low that the less bad will win. But watch out for Uruguay and Argentina, two major rivals that know how to make the whiners cringe.

  • Sad the South Africa left in the first phase. There was no help from FIFA like South Korea in 2002. FIFA is one the most corrupt international bodies and I guess the South Africans were already happy to be hosting the games.