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Python for Bioinformatics by Sebastian Bassi: A (Short) Review

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I promised some time ago to post a complete review of Python for Bioinformatics (Chapman & Hall/CRC Mathematical & Computational Biology)image by Sebastian Bassi. It’s long overdue, but the delay allowed me to get more acquainted to the book and its contents. I can only say that I highly recommend this book, especially for the biologist that is beginning in bioinformatics or python (or both). I cannot compare it to any other Python and Bioinformatics books (I’m planning to buy the another one), but I can say that I could learn a thing or two from Sebastian’s book. Evidently is not a perfect book, as some of the explanations are a little bit rushed and might be difficult for a beginner. At the same time this is a very carefully thought and planned book and has more than enough for one to learn Python and apply the language to solve biological problems. I really liked the BioPython section, and this section made me use BioPython for the first time. Some of BioPython’s examples in the book are light years ahead of the examples in the tool’s website. Lastly, I would like to congratulate Sebastian for his work and effort in putting together a nice tome for Python and Bioinformatics. It’s a valuable resource for everyone in the field and certainly will help spread Python in the community.