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Do You Deny Climate Change (Nee Global Warming)?

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The read this

Phil Jones holds himself defensively, his arms crossed tightly in front of his chest as if shielding himself from attack. Little wonder: Jones has spent the past three months being vilified for his central role in what is now called ‘climategate’ (sic, arch).


“I don’t think we should be taking much notice of what’s on blogs because they seem to be hijacking the peer-review process.”

and concluding

It is now essential for climate researchers to stand up for their science, he says. “[I’d] like to see the climate science community supporting the climate science more. Lots of them are trying but they’re being drowned out.”

Some points:

1- He was and still is vilified, not because we (the public) think he is a villain, but his actions made him one (in the public’s eye). As a scientist, I understand the process and understand what he might be going through, what takes us to the next point …

2- Open your data, let it be scrutinized, dissected, explored. I’m not the greatest supporter of Open Science/Research, but if you’re feeling this way, open up, show the methods, don’t go crawling into a cocoon with you fellow vil … climate scientists. I don’t trust bloggers too (including myself) but I have seen some wonderful science or science related material in blogs and by bloggers. Send us the data and we will publish some peer reviewed climate research. Want to bet?

3- You can only abstract from the concluding phrase the fact that climate researchers need is more support (go figure!) and maybe to become a tighter group. Summarizing, they need more money.