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Lies, Lies and Even More Lies

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At the time of the Copenhagen meeting about climate change, Brazilian representatives were major protagonists, specially when criticizing all developed countries about their carbon emissions. The crook, also known as the Brazilian president, kept reminding everyone how advance Brazil is on “green” policies, how much native forests are still there, and saying the the developed countries have to do something to erase their polluted heritage.

Well, I don’t think many of my 3 readers (yes, I got an extra one this last week!) have ever been to Brazil, so I would like to list some of the lies about Brazilian “green” policies and actions:

  • São Paulo is the largest city of the Southern Hemisphere, and there’s no effective recycling service. Now, imagine, 10+ million people not recycling, dumping sewage (non treated) on the rivers that cross the city, among other things do to the environment.
  • Add that to the 4+ million cars and buses emitting carbon during the average 2-3 hour commute in traffic jams
  • Add that to all major Brazilian cities
  • Ethanol technology is quite old in Brazil and that helps. What doesn’t help is the amount of native forest that has been cut to be used as sugarcane plantation, and to the fact that is cheaper to fill the tank with gas (most cars are flex fuels, most of the new cars, I mean)
  • Sugarcane crops are burnt for the harvest. Not every plantation has mechanized means.
  • Brazilian so-called green energy from hydro plants, is not so green.
  • There’s basically no railway transportation there, so everything moves inside trucks. And there’s almost none hydro transportation too.

These are some quick examples, I guess if I spent ten more minutes, I would be able to come up with the double or triple. So, every time you hear that Brazil is an example of green country, and you end up feeling guilty that you live in a developed country that is harming the climate, don’t be.

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