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2009 in Review

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Here’s the best and worst of 2009:

  • Movie: Rocknrolla, not the best one, but highly entertaining, worst: Funny People
  • Book: Born Standing Up: A Comic’s Life by Steve Martin, highly entertaining too
  • Website: The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs, worst: of the ones I usually read is the Daring Fireball
  • Software: Textmate, worst Mendeley, by 1000 miles
  • TV: Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart, the best hour of TV, worst: Dexter’s finale
  • Purchase: MacBook 13’‘, the best computer I ever had
  • Money-grabbing-scheme: Global Warming or Climate Change
  • Politician: no best in the category, but the worst is the Brazilian President.
  • Music: I didn’t have a favourite this year. but Matthew Good’s Vancouver is growing on me. No worst, or too many to care about
  • Best programming language was still Python, worst, still Java
  • Best operating system was Snow Leopard, worst, any Windows (including XP)

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