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This Is When I Say Farewell ...

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to “social websites”.

Yes, this is a farewell to my two readers and the handful of people that read my tweets/friendfeed posts. I’m not going away, everything is still going to be channeled through FriendFeed, and posted on Twitter, but I won’t comment anymore or actually write them. It will be automatic, and personal to the level where it’s generated by my selections, not meaning they are good or bad, right or wrong, just that whatever caught my eye.

I will still write here, have my Facebook account and the other “social” things, but myself, I’ll be gone. There’s a feeling of deja vu writing this, I feel that I’ve written this before, but this time it’s true and definitive. I need to focus on my work, and got tired of the obviousness of the online world. As the very good Portuguese author, João Pereira Coutinho, wrote “Internet is a theme park”. My ride is over, at least on the social side.

If you want to contact me, just drop me a note via email, or comment on the rambles here.