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The Best Analogy for the FriendFeed Purchase

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I don’t like Facebook, the same way I don’t like Orkut. The only reason for me to use Facebook is contact people I don’t see in years, and that facet of it I appreciate. On the other hand I really liked FriendFeed, which is (was) a great service, but didn’t have a commercialization plan, hence it was sold.

Anyway, the best analogy I can make of this purchase is: It’s like when that indie, miniscule band that you love and cherish goes mainstream. In a matter of seconds, the whole world knows that band and you don’t like it anymore, because you “discovered” it, because they were “connected” only to you, not the whole world.

Now, FriendFeed is Facebook, and Facebook is mainstream, and we scientists need to stay indie, or at least keep our inner selves in a indie environment. Not that Twitter is still indie, but at least they haven’t sold their souls to the capitalist devil.

Hey, I just said it was an analogy, you’re not supposed to like my bands, they’re mine.