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What We Learned Last Week: August 10th Edition

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(this will be a weekly post on the most important news of the week, things that caught our eyes here at Blind.Scientist headquarters)

  • Apparently there is a rich guy on the internet that likes to show off how many computers he has, but doesn’t know a lot about technology and stuff. Anyway, how not to write a post. Never used his website.

  • Skulpt is a nice project that I really like to see come to fruition. Check it out.

  • Universal health care, or whatever it will be, in US won’t be approved, because both parties are in the pocket of the (un)health industry. It’s like the joke where the father doctor leaves for vacation and leaves the clinic for his newly graduated son to take care. When he comes back, all his patients are cured, and the father says: “What the hell have you done? These patients paid for your university tuition with the care I provided for 20 years”. Things are getting so paradoxical down there that conservatives start brawls, get beaten up and then ask for donations to cover medical bills, because they don’t have insurance.

  • You have to say no to socialism, you know why, don’t you?

  • Turns out the Basques were pioneers in cartography too.

  • Mendeley still sucks. And crashes, and …

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