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Internet "Democracy"

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Since I last criticized Mendeley for being an horrible software and received an email from one of the lads there, threatening and censoring (attempting) me, I have this unnerving feeling. Apparently Mendeley website (or whatever they use there) got a facelift and my comment on FriendFeed was “still sucks”. Not the facelift, the software, but this is a side note to the story. Another user there said that I need to “self-censor” my comment because they are “unfair, aggressive and insulting”. A two-word comment …

So, what should I do? Cave in to the power of the mass and put my head down and say I’m sorry? Should I not comment there anymore? Should I stop saying that Mendeley sucks because the guys there are soooooooooooo nice, OMG? Should I lie and say that’s a wonderful software? All of the above?

I will not do any of the above. I stand behind my comments, and after I received a censoring email, I feel that I have to defend my comments. If we’re not able to tell the truth online, even if it hurts someone else’s feelings, I’m sorry but anyone should be allowed to comment, nowhere.