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Doing More Harm Than Good

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While we are on the Scienceblogs-doing-more-harm-than-good and scientific communication topic, let’s keep going (I have nothing against Seed magazine and some nice people that blog there , just to be clear)

Recently, the Brazilian branch of the blog “community” was launched. I don’t know if I’m fortunate or not of being able to read Portuguese, but a respected online organization has to support some type of editorial/post quality. The amount of grammatical errors that appear on the blog posts there is astounding. One of the bloggers even discuss with commenters that he spelled a word wrong because it makes more sense to him. This followed by some subject-verb concordance errors.

I understand, you will find identical mistakes here, in English of all languages. But I’m not a native English speaker. And my audience is much more restrict than any of the Brazilian Scienceblogs.

Communicating science is important. Communicating science correctly is primordial. Using the right spelling and grammar is key. We don’t have to think or assume that lay (scientifically) people would accept such mistakes, and you would expect that a scientist or a to-be-scientist would try to avoid making writing mistakes.

And to whoever is managing the Scienceblogs (Brazil at least), maybe investing a little bit of money on proof-reading the entries to avoid some embarassing things.