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Best and Worst of 2008

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Everyone does their list, so why can’t I?

Best of the best

FriendFeed’s Life Scientists Room

Best Purchase (non electronic/gadget/computer)

Winter tyres, set of 4, General Tire

Best Purchase (electronic)

Wii Fit

Best software

Cornerstone (Mac)

Best programming language

Python 3.0

Best blog/site

Smashing Magazine

Worst programming language

Java (12th year in a row for me)

Best Albums

The Gutter Twins, Saturnalia The Whigs, Mission Control

Worst albums

Too many.

Best movie

The Dark Knight

Worst movie

Don’t remember.

Best book (that I read, not exactly released in 2008)

The Road, Cormac McCarthy

Worst book

A spot of bother, Mark Haddon

Best TV series

House, MD (tie) The Big Bang Thory (tie)

Worst TV series

Any reality thingy, with the exception of The Amazing Race Heroes

Happy Holidays!