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Mendeley: A Very Short Review

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Lost ThoughtsImage by ! S4N7Y ! via Flickr I promised myself that I would never use Mendeley, but I am not very good in keeping promises to myself and I decided to install it, after I got a comment from the co-founder (??) of the software/company.

It seems that it is based on Qt, and a good point (maybe the only one) is that the program is cross-platform. I decided to give it a go and import around 700 PDFs that I have in one directory (I’m using it on Vista). It has been almost an hour already and the import hasn’t ended, and it is using one core of my AMD CPU. Process Lasso already lowered its priority 10 times, because it is taking too much cycles. For read a PDF file?

Yep, uninstalling it soon. And not recommending it at all. I will keep using Citeulike, Zotero and the like.

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