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Those Are My Sequences!!

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Yesterday I was lazily browsing the web, reading my RSS feeds when I found this:

As a side note, I talked to a colleague who got harassed at the Ichs and Herps meeting for… gasp… downloading sequences from GenBank and using them without asking the author’s permission! Good lord, what is the world coming to? I’m surprised to hear of such active resistance to public availability of information.

Oh, boy, that brought me back memories of the time I spent at the Museu de Zoologia (MZUSP) doing my PhD. I think that people that make such kind of remarks are the same that say Clustal W masks the “parsimony” of the sequence as it generates a Neighbour Joining tree to guide the alignment. Strange times, why would you complain that someone used your sequences without asking permission if your sequences are stored in a public repository? If you don’t want anyone to use don’t submit to NCBI or keep renewing the deadline to make them public. It might give you time to actually learn them by heart …