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Twitter Updates for 2008-04-24

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  • @attilacsordas Thanks a lot … #

  • @attilacsordas can you add some tag to the email subject? Something like [BioCamp] or similar … #

  • gas will be 2.25 $CDN in 2012. Predicted by the same bank that lost 5 blln with the house bubble. #

  • konqueror does not like FriendFeed … #

  • “molecular data from extinct organisms may have the potential for resolving relationships at critical areas of the vert. evolutionary tree” #

  • @pierreyves thx, added to Google Reader … #

  • @rvidal @freesci I would say API too. #

  • @neilfws 2:30 am madness, for sure #

  • @yokofakun @covert basically you can merge all your “social web life” in one place. I find it useful to see what are being shared in GooRead #

  • @yokofakun @covert like and see what everyone else is sharing … You can link a feed from your blog, twitter account, Flickr, etc #

  • @yokofakun @covert It is a service that merges all the feeds that you generate and allows interaction between friends, so you can comment #

  • @covert FriendFeed enables you to keep up-to-date on the web pages, photos, videos and music that your friends and family are sharing. #

  • @mndoci twhirl, but not liking it. #

  • @mndoci I unistalled on windows, my iMac is my social-hub. #

  • The Greenland ice cap’s apparently melting quickly that it’s triggering earthquakes, as pieces of ice several cubic kilometers break off. #

  • @mndoci I had issues with Twhirl on Mac. It does not update sometimes, it hangs and sometimes does not display the entries #

  • @amberf com esses links do demo … #

  • @amberf p├íra com isso … #

  • Morpheus’ calling #

  • @neilfws I also have that feeling that every time I use R I have to relearn it. Maybe the syntax is not clear enough … #

  • shameless plug http://tinyurl.com/6557oy #

  • @neilfws “Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It’s already tomorrow in Australia.” (Charles Schultz) #

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