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Twitter Updates for 2008-04-23

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  • @rvidal Thnx, because she refused to add my blog sometime ago. #

  • @rvidal what is the requisite to have a blog added to the network? #

  • @rvidal question: you are one of the organizers of the DNA network, right? #

  • @attilacsordas I am fully engaged on the BioBarCamp. The only problem is getting there … #

  • @attilacsordas I don’t even have an AppEngine account … #

  • @mza Damn, it beats my cassette player … #

  • early leave … #

  • @mza I think the repository is a major issue. The release policy is also non-existent, and regarding the busy I will blog about it … #

  • @mndoci Yes, I should have put inside quotes. My bad. #

  • @mza @mndoci I agree with the time (lazyness) constraints, and timing. @yokofakun I was thinking more of the finished product … #

  • why published (in sci journals) applications are not properly checked by the reviewers? Opinions … #

  • @neilfws indeed, I hate it #

  • job description = bioinformatician #

  • @roguepuppet better than mine, I guess #

  • time to meet Morpheus #

  • @attilacsordas did you read all six? #

  • @Scobleizer to celebrate she will nuke Iran. #

  • @neilfws I asked two: one does not like to talk about himself, the other said he would do it but only after July. #

  • @rvidal good call too, I will add to my list (very short at the moment) #

  • @neilfws @mndoci I had thought of her a long time ago, but decided to interview Rosie Redfield first due to the open science thingy … #

  • how about Janet Thornton interviewed in SciView? What do you guys think? #

  • @mndoci that’s why I don’t have a calendar. #

  • Thanks Flyers, I will watch more than 7 meaningful playoff hockey games this year. #

  • @attilacsordas a more psychological, catastrophic, biological sci-fi #

  • @attilacsordas I think we are living the sci-fi of gadgets, and I think it is time to the sci-fi of Dick, Ballard, etc to revamp … #

  • looking for suggestions for a new SciView interview, last couple were declined … http://blindscientist.genedrift.org/category/sciview/ #

  • @attilacsordas Sunshine is a nice movie. #

  • 2 x 2, c’mon Flyers #

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