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Twitter Updates for 2008-04-21

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  • @hyphaltip 700 ISMB registration fee for ISCB members is also pretty high #

  • @attilacsordas the Dude is the dude. #

  • @mndoci @neilfws I am averaging 80-85 Gb a month. I saw people in a discussion group that averages 300 a month. #

  • @neilfws 20Gb combined is “nothing”. People around here complain that we have a so far non-enforced 100 Gb cap. #

  • @neilfws why is your internet being shaped? how much cap do you have? #

  • @neilfws coming from Australia, 1000 US is quite reasonable to ask. #

  • @neilfws Registration this year is quite expensive. 700 dollars for members #

  • @neilfws I got an ECCB travel fellowship in 2005. They gave me 600 euros. #

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