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Twitter Updates for 2008-04-18

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  • @rvidal The Bends … great song #

  • considering if I should shave or not my playoff beard … #

  • Latest mid-West earthquake blamed on Global Climate Change (source coming …) #

  • @attilacsordas planning a marriage in the Bahamas, decorating the private jet #

  • @davidbro but usually these problems are memory related, as far as my experience with Macs goes. #

  • @davidbro sorry that I cannot help more. I had problems installing Leopard in my wife’s computer, and on my iMac was painful too. #

  • @davidbro those days are not gone, unfortunately. #

  • @davidbro I find Leopard way more unstable than Tiger. It is getting more stable now, but the transition was painful. #

  • @davidbro I had problems with my iMac when it was waking up. Have you reset your NVRAM? Command, Option, P and R when booting. #

  • @davidbro Leopard? #

  • missed the ’d after I on the rather #

  • 22 innings, what’s that? I rather watch quintuple overtime in a hockey game. #

  • @neilfws agreed, Wordpress is the way to go. #

  • Time to rest in Toronto. After another win by the Orange and Black. Thanks Knuble!! #

  • @mndoci Memory Hole, it is kind of a radio show #

  • @neilfws yep, just like the perfect sequence alignment. #

  • @mndoci I have one Kevin Moore solo that I am trying to understand. Can’t remember the name. #

  • @neilfws I gave up on that quest … #

  • @mndoci pretty nice, you dug that Space-Dye Vest #

  • @mndoci ai ai ai, very trippy #

  • Orange and black night going to double overtime. #

  • @rvidal @mndoci yep and yep. #

  • Best protetction against flu/cold: live your childhood in a under development country. #

  • @attilacsordas Waqshington DC has that too. #

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