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Twitter Updates for 2008-04-17

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  • @attilacsordas kudos #

  • @NCurse which one is that? #

  • Black and Orange night rapidly approaching. Let’s sink the Crapitals. #

  • I wonder why the best song in Devin Townsend’s Terria is called Canada? #

  • who’s up to the iPlant challenge? http://tinyurl.com/43qs4v #

  • mewithoutYou, http://www.mewithoutyou.com/, highly recommended #

  • @yokofakun I don’t think I understand the questions, except for number 7. I will get full mark on that one. #

  • @attilacsordas And you live in the Nouveau Orleans? #

  • @neilfws the webhosting of academic institutions (at least the ones I know) is very poor #

  • @attilacsordas FotC is great!! #

  • @freesci SVN is a “difficult” concept, imagine Open Notebook? #

  • @freesci Probably. I don’t think I’d be able to tell my division about those things. They will never listen. They’re looking to cure cancer #

  • @yokofakun thanks for pointing that out. Will check. #

  • @freesci and they are still not using it. #

  • @freesci You should consider yourself lucky that you can talk about these things. I’ve spent years trying to convince that SVN is useful. #

  • @dullhunk just don’t ask what Twitter is … #

  • @Stew Radio Futura, Spain, and GNR from Portugal, but I don’t think they exist anymore. Heroes del Silencio from Spain, is not that bad. #

  • @amberf Quero ver como eles vão ganhar dinheiro com isso … #

  • So what the new Joel Spolsky company will build? A new Excel? #

  • @amberf creio que nao. É meio besta mas serve pra trocar idéias. #

  • @amberf bem besta realmente. #

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