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Myself, Federico Hoffmann and Juan Opazo are developing a nice cross-platform interface for multidivtime, a program (or a series of programs) used to estimate molecular evolution rates and divergence times. We are expecting to have a version released soon. I will post links whenever they are available.

A initial page for multiGUI is already on GeneDrift.

Update: some screenshots were added. As the application is fully cross-platform, Mac, Windows and Linux versions will be available.

Update 2: We are releasing multiGUI (Windows Vista and XP) as a limited beta. If you are interested in trying the software send an email to multigui at genedrift dot org. We are intending to provide a group of 20-30 users the opportunity to try the program, what would allow us to work on future improvements, kill some bugs that weren’t found in the development/test phase and check for the level of interest of our application in the scientific community.