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Python and AppEngine in Vista

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I had problems installing Google’s AppEngine in Vista. I had Python 2.5.1 installed in my machine but every time I tried to install the msi package it failed, claiming that Python was not present, even though C:\Python25 was in the path. AppEngine issues site did not help much either, the “solution” listed there was to make sure Python was in the path.

So, I decided to start over. I removed Python (and ActiveState Python, which I installed before to see if AppEngine would work) and re-installed it, or tried to. Strangely, Python’s msi package was installing it in the C drive root, not under Python25. For half an hour I tested all possible combinations, versions and tricks to have it installed in the proper directory/folder. Then I remembered msiexec, a command line tool that runs msi packages. Running msiexec with no parameters shows a window with options, but basically /i is the the only required. /i tells msiexec the input package, while ‘code>/qb` make the installation quiet and with a basic interface. msiexec worked flawlessly and then Python was in its right place.

msiexec /i python-2.5.2.msi TARGETDIR="C:\Python25" /qb

Then the same “trick” was used with AppEngine, but without a TARGETDIR. Bingo, it installed perfectly (I am assuming that).

Now, I just have to wait for my AppEngine account.