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Twitter Updates for 2008-04-13

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  • @neilfws I am counting on that … fingers crossed #

  • @zzgavin apparently … #

  • @freesci It was strange. I installed fine on my iMac. On Vista the installation fails. I still don’t have an account. #

  • @yokofakun Yep, I have that, but no expert so far. In VS I sually program VB and VC++. I am trying to get C# and IronPython #

  • @mndoci I should to that, but I am addicted to Visual Studio … we all have our bad vices … #

  • @freesci Do you have your account? #

  • @freesci I even installed ActiveState Python to check. Python 2.5.2 is in the path and everything else finds it. #

  • @freesci I tried to install on my Vista machine and it keeps complaining about the “lack” of Python. #

  • @mndoci time is the key word here #

  • @mndoci I have been to Uruguay and to the border of Bolivia, but Buenos Aires may be too good to miss. #

  • @mndoci 29 years of Brazil is enough for me. Now only for quick visits. But I would love to go to Peru, Argentina and Chile. #

  • Will the Orange and Black have a better fate today? #

  • @neilfws South America is good for a brief period and just for tourism. Apart from that … The flora and fauna are great anyway. #

  • Gave up AppEngine on Windows … frustrating … #

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