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How Much Would You Pay?

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I’d pay nothing, would never pay a dime to get my genome sequenced. But, Dan Stoicescu is paying US$ 350,000 to get his. He is also retired at the age of 56, and apparently owned Actavis.

ā€œIā€™d rather spend my money on my genome than a Bentley or an airplane,ā€


Mr. Stoicescu said he worried about being seen as self-indulgent (though he donates much more each year to philanthropic causes), egotistical (for obvious reasons) or stupid (the cost of the technology, he knows, is dropping so fast that he would have certainly paid much less by waiting a few months).

In my opinion he shouldn’t worry about being seen as a self-indulgent egotistical stupid person. He already is. Whoever drops the philanthropy excuse is a sure winner for the self-indulgent prize, anytime.

Maybe the airplane or the Bentley would be more fulfilling.