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Splitting a FASTA File Using Awk (No Sed Required), or Do We Care About Csplit?

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We saw that “top notch bioinformaticians” use csplit to split FASTA files, so I decided to post as many as possible alternatives to split these files. As csplit, awk is something found with more frequency in Linux machines than Windows, but it can be installed on Windows (even Vista) and it runs fine.

Awk is usually shown in parallel with sed, as both utilities have the main objective of text processing. I browsed the web searching for a sed/awk solution to split FASTA files something that I thought could be done in one line. And I found it.

With a little tweak I ended up with a one-liner using awk that split the sequences in multiple files:

awk '/^>/{f="fasta."++d} {print > f}'

Awk breaks each line of its input into fields that can be checked, printed or ignored. In the command line above. awk’s commands are in between the single quotes. The first command is a regex that matches initial >. Inside the curly braces we assign a variable f to store the output filename we want and also have an integer that is incremented every time we pass through it. The second curly braces are for the actual output, where we use awk’s print command and redirect output to a file named after the variable we created in the first commands in between curly braces. Finally, we assign an input file, outside the region delimited by single quotes. And that’s it. As output we will have a series of files called fasta each one containing one sequence.