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Simplicity Sometimes Works

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In science, sometimes to publish an article it seems that a very complicated methodology or results that were obtained through a maze of methods maybe your only chance of success. And this does not mean your new findings will be cited or your method will be used. But sometimes simplicity might do the work.

I am referring to a very simple software that I have developed in my spare time, just to force myself to learn some aspects of wxWidgets and C++ and help people with a user-friendly interface for a command-line application. This is a very software started a shell for David Posada’s famous ModelTest, and was improved to allow automatic Paup runs and MrModeltest tests. It was really fun to do it and I never thought it would be so well received and get citations in scientific journals. Of course it is listed in my meager CV, but it makes me really happy that some researchers are mentioning it. It had more than 2000 downloads (87 in August 2007 alone) in the three years it has been available and now Google Scholar is reporting 7 citations. Wow! Thanks a lot for everyone that used the program, helped me with bugs and inconsistencies and cited it in their publication.

Simplicity sometimes works.