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Not a Very Good Start ...

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I subscribe to the job announcements list of Bioinformatics.org (as a post-doc you are never safe) and decided to check this ad which was sent yesterday. Basically is a Bioinformatician position at Nestlé in Switzerland and look promising due to the size and history of the company. First thing you do is to check how to submit your information, and there is a link in the add. Great!

I open the page and check how to send an application. Ok, decided to search for all jobs. As any Firefox user what I see is this


basically a picture at the top and a blank page. Scrolling down


I see the options, but where is the search button. This happened on Linux and Windows. Maybe the site is broken or maybe they forgot to make it compatible with Firefox. I fire up IE and


a perfect site comes up. Checking the code a you see that JavaScript is there, but no reference to a cross-browser function.

I really wish to search for other positions and even apply to the advertised position from my favourite browser. I know my main page is not IE friendly, but I am just a person, not a corporation. And my site is not broken on IE 7, and if you are still using IE 6, good luck.

It wasn’t a good start for NestlĂ©, at least for me.