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Call for Collaboration: An Open Science (?) First for Me

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Following the new trend in science (i.e. here and here) I decided to make a scientific experiment.

For quite some time I have been writing my interface programs by myself – one and two among others that have never seen the light of the day or left the sketch pad. I don’t know the penetration of this space, as most people come here for the interviews, but I am willing to give it a shot and ask if anyone is interested in developing interfaces for bioinformatics programs.

Something that you you are willing to learn how to use, something that you use in command line but rather see it with a nice GUI, something that you are developing and want to include an interface or even if you never programmed an interface and want to learn. I already have some ideas on what to work, and the ideal languages (at least for me) are the combos C++/wxWidgets and Python/wxPython, but anything goes here.

My idea is to define a small project and to report the progress in an “Open Science” website/blog, showing the whole process with its frustrations and achievements along the way.

Just send me an email at nuin at genedrift dot org or leave a comment below.

_Addendum:I would be interested in other GUI frameworks too, such as QT, PyQt and Cocoa. _