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Beginning the Begin

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This website uses as a premise the book: Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics by James Tisdal (click here to buy it). which was published in 2001. My idea here is to follow the structure of the book, analyzing each chapter and converting the Perl scripts into Python. The original book is very well written and an excellent starting point for any aspiring bioinformatician, either if you are a biologist that does not understand programming or a computer scientist that does not know a lot of biology and maybe even Perl. In no way this website/tutorial tries to plagiarize the book and I will try to include a minimum amount Perl code, as the book is only used as an starting point (a very good one indeed) to this journey into Python. Here you will not find biological concept explanations and criticisms towards Perl. Making this clear, I will start from the beginning. Why Python (and not Perl)?